In Otium Hotel Seven Seas,our children will have a holiday having good time, recreating, by learning simultaneously, and they enjoy their vacations through numerous activities in company of our experienced employees throughout the day.

  • Child's pool,
  • Playground,
  • Painting,
  • Paper mosaic games,
  • Cake making,
  • Ring throwing,
  • Handiworks,
  • Watching cartoons
  • Children's dart,
  • Lego games,
  • Face painting,
  • Stone painting,
  • Music chair,
  • Pizza making,
  • Morning gym,
  • Children's bocce,
  • Handmade clock making,
  • Elastic games,
  • Animation shows special to children and various activities throughout the day are some of the services designed for our children.
Otium Hotel Seven Seas
In Otium Hotel Seven Seas, while the adults have vacation, the children will have funny and happy times with the children's activities program prepared by the Children's Club animation team.
Besides, with our programs special to families, our children will share the excitement and joy of entertainment with their families.