Kemer is a residential area connected to Antalya city and famous for its beaches on the shores of the Mediterranean.  Antalya is a coastal town that is in the 25 km west of Antalya city center. It is located on the Gulf of Antalya and in the middle of Taurus Mountains. This quite, rural area started to play an important role in Turkish tourism as of 1980s.

Kemer Marina

Kemer's climate has long, hot and arid summers with a temperature generally exceeding 40 degree Celcius and mildly rainy winters with a temperature that rarely falls below 10 degree Celcius.

City Center of Kemer

Main attraction center of Kemer is the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains and pine forests.  Beaches are mostly untouched and formed of sand instead of stone. Kemer is a large center of tourism industry which attracts visitors mostly from Russia, Germany and Holland thanks to its modern transportation, communication and municipality services. Many visitors come to the 5-star hotels of Kemer by group tours and stays in these hotels with "all-inclusive" system.

Kemer is divided into 4 municipalities: Beldibi, Çamyuva, Göynük and Tekirova. Additionally, it has 4 villages. Üç Adalar and Eco Park Kemer tourist destinations, Olympos and Çıralı region known as the mountain burnt by gods with their eternal flames including imaginary horrible creatures have broad ancient remains.

Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis is an ancient Hellenistic and Roman city dating back to 4th century. It is only 10 km far from Kemer city center. Boat tours are organized to visit the port with two colors and have swimming breaks starting the journey from Kemer.

Tahtalı Mountain-Telpher

Olympos Telpher that is 2365 meters high combines two classical holiday targets: Mountain and Sea. The south of Turkey, a holiday paradise, continues to fascinate with its turquoise shining beaches, untouched and fabulous regions, glamorous culture and magical cuisine. The region having more than 300 sunny days in a year is an inviting and favored destination for guests around the world.

 Sun, sea and snow unites in Olmypos. The region realizes the best holiday dreams deserving the slogan 'Sea to Sky' by adventurous Olympos Telpher trip towards the summit with a slightly windy air. This panorama facing Turkish riviera and its hinterland is stunning and stillness and beauty of the nature is unforgettable. Its steep rocky slopes, pleasant pine forests, turquoise sea and majestic mountains in its intact nature renders this view unique.


Çıralı which is within the borders of Olympos Beydağları National Park  is the breeding ground of sea turtles (Caretta Caretta) which are under preservation in the coast line composed of a three kilometers long beach. 

Çınalı Yanartaş, Flaming Rock of Olympos: Yanartaş (flaming rock) is a small, historical and touristic area close to Çıralı Village of Kemer, Antalya attracting a great number of tourists and the area is a natural gas source.


The region bears the traces of Hellenistic Period. The sea of the region, which does not turn into a concrete jungle for it has been an archaeological site for years, is suitable for those who cannot swim and for children since the sea is shallow. The region attracts divers for the gulf hosting activities such as surf, water ski has a underwater visibility of 25 meters.

Excursion boats organize day-tours to bays around Adrasan. Suluada, Sazak and Ceneviz Bays which are one hour far from Adrasan are the haunt of boats.

Üç Adalar

There are islands called Martı, Mağara, Piknik and Küçük Ada in Kemer-Tekirova beaches. There are 9 reef and 2 underwater caves in the region called as Üç Adalar and the region is a quite large diving center.