Eco Friendly

Being a Friend of Environment…

As Otium Eco Club, we are aware of the fact that the World is a big family, and that nature is the home of that family. Therefore, we value time, nature and energy sources, and use environment-friendly forms and means of technology in our production and consumption.

Renewing itself with an ecological concept and brought into service in 2009, OTIUM Eco Club has become a popular and followed facility with its nature conscious and successful business approach it has adopted on the way of becoming an ecological and child-friendly hotel within this process.

As OTIUM ECO CLUB, we consume the natural resources such as electricity and water economically in order to protect the energy resources in our world and ensure that they are consumed less. We utilize our waste in accordance with the recycling and recovery principles so as not to pollute and harm the environment.

We invite you to being a FRIEND of environment in a holiday that is worth of the green and a meaningful and purposeful voyage to the heart of nature.

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