Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy


As OTI Hotels & Resorts, we conduct our activities in accordance with legal regulations as well as environmental and occupational safety standards. To ensure that;

We identify the risks and impacts of our activities in the sphere of environment, occupational health and safety and take necessary measures to prevent these risks or to reduce the undesirable effects.

We set goals and develop programs for the continuous improvement of our environment, occupational health and safety management system, review them and make necessary investments.

We fulfil the requirements of the legislation on envir nment, occupational health and safety.

We take necessary precautions and maintain necessary control to prevent and eliminate the environmental pollution caused by our activities and the formation of dangerous environments that may cause accidents and diseases.

We provide necessary training to our employees and ensure their participation.

We encourage our suppliers to comply with our environmental, occupational health and safety standards and legislation in line with our policy, and we make efforts to cooperate with them in these sphere.

By informing our guests about our environmental consciousness, we expect them to show respect towards nature and contribute to the protection of the environment during their holidays.

As the General manager, I invite all our employees to apply this policy as an integral part of their work.

General Manager