Otium Seven Seas


Otium Hotel Seven Seas believes that tourism industry, whose prosperity is related with exploitation of natural resources, has to make effort to protect and improve the environmental values and the living conditions. Consequently, decisions taken by Oti Holding in 2009 were published in Declaration on Environment and followed by environmental projects. Based on the defined environmental aspects environmental performance targets are monitored and continuous improvement is reported.

Otium Hotel Seven Seas carried out such a social responsibility projects as Natural Environment Protection, Promotion and Support Projects, Protection of Human Rights Contribution and Support for Education. Industry-leading environmental projects led by Oti Holding Companies are being developed under the main theme "Green is good".

Otium Hotel Seven Seas supports constantly local social charity projects by participation in various charity campaigns, sponsoring and donating. International Children's Rights policies are followed to perform these. One of the schools from the region is chosen each year for planting and children and local people are consulted together with the Management

As Hotel Seven Seas we pay a great importance to regional development, therefore not only we choose our employees from the Manavgat region but also we privilege local products and materials. In this way, continuing professional development as well as service quality increases the number of our repeat guests. Hereby we have the opportunity to integrate traditional lifestyle and we support traditional formation. We are in consultation with our staff with the awareness of that good service is a result of satisfied staff and we make them contribute continuous improvement by asking their opinions.


In order to maintain the sustainability of tourism every year we measure the consumption of natural sources and we take actions to make more savings. 
In 2017 we reduced the consumption of electricity to 17,35  kW/m² and also LNG per person to 5,86  kW.
As regarding the recycling, we prevented cutting of 528 trees by collecting paper waste and emission of 5670 kg CO₂ by collecting glass waste.
To prevent the impact of greenhouse gases, in Çekül we created two separated areas with 1325 planted trees. 
Till today we plant about 270 trees. 

The contribution of our guests to sustainable tourism:

  • Visiting some cultural and specific regional places and encourage to respect their protection
  • To prevent any harm of natural area or endemic species located in hotel or surroundings  
  • Encouraging by info boards to make donations
  • Guidance how to implement energy and water savings