Guidance Policy

According to our principles, emphasis on understanding needs and expectations of our customers allows us to consider guest’s complaint/request as perspective of changes and development.

This guidance is prepared to inform complainant parties about Otium Hotels Complaint and Request Management Process.

Feedback Channels

Otium Hotels shares information about complaint/request handling process with potential complainants in following channels;

  • Transmitting Service Standards to tour operators
  • On the web for individual guests, suppliers and all the other stakeholders,
  • Information boards, hotel room user guide for the hotel guests

Our guests can contact our Smiley Service Team (Guest Relations) for any complaints and requests directly in their office in lobby area or by calling “0” during their holiday.

Our guests can call the following number for information about hotel services and accommodation: 02424 756 95 90 or 444 9 467 (call centre).

The message form at web page and can be used for internet communication.

E-mails can be sent to or for feedbacks per e-mail.

Evaluation of Feedback and Solution

All incoming feedbacks (to guest relations department) are recorded on specific software. Complainant is informed about receipt and recording of complaints in 24 hours at the latest.

Complaints/requests are evaluated in terms of its seriousness, effects to security, complexity, possible effects and necessity of emergent proceeding. After this first evaluation, investigation and solution process is initiated as a result of prioritization. The average duration of our feedback about solution of complaint is 72 hours. All sorts of acceptable effort are made for all cases about complaint/request and investigation and solution of complaint/request. In the event that the complaint / request can not be immediately solved, the subject is handled in a way that is aimed to find a solution as soon as possible. After researching, alternative solutions are offered with consideration of correction of the problem and preventing recurrence. We offer all alternatives possible until the complainant party is satisfied.

All guest conversations are recorded in accordance with our quality standards and they are subject to the random controls.

Our customers can request recorded documentation of their complaints/requests.

Customers are informed about reports, feedbacks, actions and current status of actions free of charge.

Complaints are assessed with a fair, objective and impartial approach.

Development of Feedback Process

Complaints/requests are handled in management meetings in weekly and quarterly periods.

Otium Hotels performs efficiency evaluation about complaint and request handling process by internal audits in accordance with its Management Systems and initiates action plans for areas for improvement.

Otium Hotels performs benchmarking in accordance with necessities and extents good work practices by conducting collective works with other subsidiaries of OTI Holding.

Otium Hotels handles and investigates feedbacks from guests and other complainant parties considering legal requirements (TÜRSAB Kütahya Çizelgesi, Seyahat Acenteleri Yönetmeliği, AKTOB and Tüketicinin Korunması Hakkındaki Kanun etc.).

Confidentiality Principle

Otium Hotels undertakes the following subjects about information in all records of complainant parties in the scope of complaints handling process;

  • These information can only be gathered to handle complaints in hotel,
  • Personal information can not be revealed without permission of customer or complainant,
  • All records are kept private,
  • Otium Hotels does not share any information with third parties except legal obligation,
  • In case of legal obligations, customers whose information is to be shared are informed before sharing.