Corporate Responsibilities

The activities which were carried out among Social Responsibility project;

1- Planting trees to a school every year with students and hanging environmental consciousness board (about the use of natural resources
- 2011 Fatma Pakize Turhan Primary School,
- 2012 Namık Karamancı Science High School,
- 2013 Fatma Temel Turhan Anatolian High School)

2- Establishing Otium Forest by donating the Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage, and informing our guest about the fact that the trees were planted in their names. (750 saplings in 2011, 625 saplings in 2013)

3- Sending leftovers to Animal Shelter of the Municipality of Manavgat,

4- Arranging entertainments in Çocuk Dünyası (Chilren's World) with the children living in Child Protection Institution in 2011,

5- The participation of guests and personnel to environmental cleaning,

6- Sponsorship to the local organizations arranged by the Municipality of Manavgat (Pehlivan Fest and Barış Suyu Fest 2012-2013)

7- Cleaning the surrounding of the lake with Titreyengöl Sorgun Tourism Investors Association,

8- Planting trees by participating the organization of the Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats and Tree planting activity in the schoolyard of Fatma Temel Turhan Anatolian High School.