Foam Massage

You may relax and get your body ready for massage with unique foam massage applied before the massage. 30 min.

Body Scrub & Foam Massage

Traditional approach that forms an addiction; it contains body scrub applied from top to toe and foam cleaning ritual with special liquids. 30 min.

Coffee Peeling & Foam Massage

It prepares your body for sun and helps the long-term suntan effect to be maintained. 30 min.

Cleopatra Massage

With Cleopatra massage, your applications starts with body scrub and foam massage in Turkish bath. Then your massage providing glowing and moisture to your skin is applied with a mixture composed of honey and milk. After Turkish bath ceremony, you will relax as you purified from toxins with moss wrapping. 50 min.

Children Body Scrub & Foam Massage

Body scrub and foam massage before sun protects the skin of your children and cleans deeply.

Aromatherapy Massage

It provides bodily relaxation, mental purification and spiritual stillness with the combination of the power of essential oils and Far Eastern-European style massage techniques. 50 min.

Suntan Massage

It is a massage especially recommended before sunbath and suntan. It is a soft massage applied with a mixture of special carrot and cacao oil. It protects your suntan for a long time. 50 min.

Honey Massage

It is the natural body ceremony used by Ancient Roman King and Queens. Honey softens and strengthens dry and rough skin and helps you to purify from toxins in the body. 40 min.

Hot Stone Massage

It is applied by volcanic basal stones heated in water. This modern approach which uses the changing temperature utilizes from a technique by which some stones are located on the body in a strategic way and others provide massage to the body by creating an energy flow and reduce muscular tension. 60 min.

Spa Massage

It is a special massage for which hot oil and volcanic stones are utilized. There is no deep pressure in this massage. It is a soft massage for relaxation. 60 min.

Sultans’ Massage

Four hands wandering around your body like a synchronized dance. Two sensitive therapists constituting four hands complement and follow each other to relax energy flow of your body and maintain the absolute experience of the power of touching. 60 min.

Traditional Balinese Massage

Stir your senses and find yourself in a complete tranquility. A traditional Balinese massage is the uninterrupted mixture of acupressure and hard and soft movements in a complete body massage. 60 min.

Thai Massage

It combines soft swinging, rhythmic acupressure and stretching helping them in order to relax and recreate the body and mind. Among the benefits of Thai massage are the increase of body flexibility, release of tension in joints and muscles and the stabilization of energy system of the body. 60 min.


Experience a 2000-year Japanese tradition. The philosophy underlying Shiatsu is the vital energy flowing throughout the body via a set of channels called meridians. Shiatsu applies pressures of different types on the body along meridian and tsubos in order to make Vital Energy Chi harmonious and balanced. 60 min.

Indian Head Massage

It is an Indian massage technique of several centuries in which essential oils are used. Precise and gentle massage focuses on head, face and shoulders. 30 min.

Indian Hot Oil Massage

Tensions are relieved and you feel a brand new joy of life thanks to gentle but relaxing massage applied from top to toe with hot oil. 60 min.

Hand and Foot Care

It is the manicure-pedicure application applied by high class care products. It contains peeling, mask and massage that is nutritious for nail and toes.


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